Network Management & IT Services

We are offering a full range of IT management toolbox, where organizations and industries don’t need to establish their IT Departments involving major investments that does not ensure ROI in a resonable period of time.

We offer Customers to sit back and relax as far as their IT need is concerned. Their Computer hardware, Network structuring and layouts, installations, trouble shooting and administration, all are coverd under one umberalla. This is made possible by deploying resident or visiting team of professionals with full back office support.

This Include:

  • Deployment of new IT infrastructures
  • Maintenance and upgrades of existing IT backbone & datacenter

Services Features

Networking & Structured Cabling

Network Management and User Policies

Servers Management

Data Backups & Archival

Operating Systems Deployment & Troubleshooting

Applications Deployment

Security Patch Management

Printing Troubleshooting

System Log Monitoring

Hardware Change Notification

Virus protection Management


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