Restaurant Pos

Zed Cafe

Make a move from that typical restaurant scenario where you stare intently at your waiter so you can flag down for your need. ZedCafe is here to put a full stop to these awkward situations by providing a tabletop Restaurant POS system. ZedCafe is an integrated Restaurant POS, Inventory Control and Financial Management suite.

Smart and Portable POS

ZedCafe enables a fast order process directly from the table to the kitchen. As soon as the order is placed, an order slip will be printed in the kitchen. Whether it’s a small hand-held mobile phone or a wide inch tablet, all the actions are done against one click. Moreover, waiters don’t have to wait for long while the customers are in the thought process of ordering, nor it contains the headache of penning down the orders manually.

  • Manage Halls and table Arrangement
  • Enroll waiters/Servers
  • Place order at front desk and print in the Kitchen
  • Manage food service through kitchen order tickets
  • Manage cash via POS cash drawer


Order Taking

  • Define halls and table Layouts
  • See full restaurant picture at a glance
  • Color coded table status
  • Running order list

Invoicing and Menu

  • Define menu categories
  • Define menu items under each category
  • Print invoices through printer

Inventory Management

  • Multilevel chart of account
  • Transaction Filters
  • Drill down to source Transaction

Financial Reporting

  • Inward and issuance Vouching from inventory store
  • Record purchase rates for materials and food costing
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