Software Development

Realizing that businesses face significant challenges and need reliable solutions to manage diverse tasks in different processes, we focus on industry specific Enterprise Business Solutions. We have the ability to re-engineer business processes, suggest standard system flows and eliminate bottlenecks in communication. Whether a company’s main business is CRM centric or it is a supply chain process or demand a full ERP, we cater for all needs. We assist through gauging exact requirement, recommend change and suggest solutions with confidence, and provide a detailed working timeline and regular touch points throughout the project to gain feedback from our clients at every step of the way.


Project Feasibility and Positioning

Identifying Bottlenecks and Suggest Remedies

IT Network Size and Designs

Software Requirments Specifications

Project Cost benefit Analysis

Strategic Plans and Projections

Identification of Enterprise-Wide Resources

GAP Analysis

Intellectual property & skill levels

Team Resource Management

Project Execution Under Work

Breakdown Structures

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