ZED Assets Management System

Be Aware Of What You Own

Zed Assets is a robust mechanism that enables you to keep tabs on you firm’s assets effectively. The system keeps track of each and every detail about the assets and how they are put into use thus reducing the redundancy in the bookkeeping of ghost assets. This gives you the insight to plan your future management according to the analytics gathered.

Precision and Accuracy

Zed Assets provides you with a digital asset management solution that is more accurate than the manual methods of tracking assets. It guarantees the accuracy of amortization rates. In this way Zed Asset will serve as a best enterprise asset management software that is best suited to your everyday company requirements.

Keep tabs with Bar Coding

One of the main roles of asset management is to know where your assets are. This is accomplished by tagging your assets. Asset tags permit you to check and quickly see the asset’s digital record. This is how you can view and begin altering the asset’s information with the mere help of a tag scanner. This permits you to delineate the history of a particular asset and use this info for better in more strategic and firm future planning.


Asset Lifecycle Management




Service Log

Depreciation Product

Inventory Management

Geo Tagging Of Assets

Bar Coding

One Centralized Server


Check-in and Check-out


Real-time Info


Notifications and Reporting

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