Zed Schoool

Smart School

It is tiresome to manage all the school assets manually when it comes to administrative tasks, registrations, academic record-keeping of students, finance management and the list goes on. Insufficient assets and conventional strategies never conform to present-day requirements. To make sure that your school management coordinates with the advanced standards, ZedSchool is here providing a vast LMS management system empowering you to lead in the modern-day education system.

 Manageable Financial Transactions

The system provides a Standard Double-entry Accounting system to manage the day to day school financial Transactions which includes Fee Vouching, Receipts, Cash/Bank Payments, and Journal Vouching. This leads to powerful standard General Ledger, A/C Receivables and Payables based on 100% user-defined Chart of Account.

Goodbye to Roll calling

Zed school is incorporating the feature of the Biometric attendance of teachers and students vanishing all conventional methods of paper-based attendance that are outdated and time taking. This feature of Zed School helps the teachers to record accurate check-in and check-out times of students without having the trouble of detecting proxy attendance.


Management Dashboard


Registration and Profiling

Student Demographics


Curriculum Management

Faculty Management

Examination Management

Finance Report

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