ZED Time

Bio-Metric Attendance & Payroll System

Reduce Paper Trial, Save Time

Zed Time is providing a best solution that ensures the easy management of Human Resources within your organization. Tracking time and bookkeeping of attendance is automated thus reducing the paper trial and duplication of records. This will add to the efficiency of your day-to-day task and saves time to a larger extent therefore providing an edge to the HR team to focus on more important tasks rather doing thigs manually with the conventional ways.

Payroll System

PayroZed Time is a point solution that focuses on computing and processing employees’ salaries, taxes, and other allowances in an efficient manner without having any ambiguity. It ensures the accuracy and correctness of the data thus reducing the chance of any sort of human error. zed Time payroll System considerably reduce the administrative overhead,ll system.


● Reduce the time required to schedule employees
● Do away with timecard preparation, collection, filing and storage
● Improves employee productivity Restrict unnecessary overtime and other expectations
● Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick or compensation time accruals
● Eliminate unauthorized hours

● Be more productive, efficient and profitable
● Assign resources more efficiently and reduce the time needed to schedule employees
● Altogether eliminate the need to calculate time cards
● Significantly cut down on payroll processing
● Eliminate time abuses


Shift Management


Tracking of Accruals

Holiday Calendar

Multi-Location and Multi-Department


Flexible Reporting Capabilities

Web Based Centralized System

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